Starting SSH on boot Kali 2.x

SSH won’t start at boot on Kali 2.0? Don’t worry, it’s because Kali 2.x is based on Debian 8, as opposed to Kali 1.x being based on Debian 7. Kali 1.x uses init/update-rc.d; Kali 2.x uses systemd/systemctl For Kali 1.x, the command is #update-rc.d -f ssh defaults For Kali 2.x, the command is #systemctl enable […]

Easy way to tunnel VNC over SSH?

Why would you want to tunnel VNC traffic over SSH? VNC as we know is a graphical desktop sharing system. It uses Remote Frame Buffer(RFB) protocol to remotely control another computer. By default, RFB is not a secure protocol. So in order to make it secure with encryption, we would need to tunnel traffic over […]